“Poland – Bastion of Europe”

Today is the 11th of November and the yearly March of Independence will be held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. This day is celebrated because in 1918 Poland was restored as a sovereign republic for the first time in over 100 years.

The most visual expression of this celebration is the March of Independence. Started in 2008 as a collaboration among different nationalist organisations and later gathering well over 100 000 participants. This year 250 000 people are estimated to participate in the March.

Today they, our Polish brothers and sisters, will March in celebration of their fatherland under the slogan “Poland – Bastion of Europe”. Because Poland understands it is part of the larger heritage of European and Christian Civilisation and that this heritage is in no way in conflict to but instead a prerequisite to their own unique nation and character, as in Czestochowa or Lichen.

Protecting that larger heritage is a protection of nation and family. That is why it is paramount important that we around Europe build “Bastions ” to defend that common heritage and our mutual civilisation. It seems as Poland is leading the way forward to a Catholic Europe.

From a very snowy Stockholm; Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna!


Björn Herstad