“Identitarian Ideas VII”

An interesting review of the conference “Identitarian Ideas VII” held in Stockholm November 2015  appeared on RightOn.net authored by Thomas Eldergard and it also had a short passage of my talk.

Next up was Björn Herstad, a noted figure in conservative and nationalist circles in Sweden, and along with Patrik Forsén he has recently founded the Dacke Institute, which could perhaps be described as a Christian conservative educational centre and publishing house. Björn spoke in a solemn voice about the necessary virtues and responsibilities that a true soldier of traditional values should uphold. Such a man must be the core of the family, and must be prepared to defend the pillars that Western civilisation lies upon; in Herstad’s eyes, Christianity was presented as the ideal. Man and woman should be respected for what they are rather than for being mere objects for gender experimentation, as is the case in Sweden today, and sex should be regarded as something that creates life rather than merely brings pleasure. Also, he argued for throwing one’s television out the window, not in a pointless rock’n’roll fashion, but as an act of self-respect, since that medium nowadays mainly acts as a distraction, spreading false viewpoints. Herstad explained that the Dacke Institute forges its visions out of the contra-revolutionary movements and Catholic traditions of Europe, and that it is meant to act as a kind of elite school for men of conservative thought.