”False picture of Sweden”

"Sex on the map" a sexual education cartoon from RFSU. [1]

Both the Swedish media and government are more and more frustrated with negative descriptions of Sweden in media abroad. They are frustrated because they are not able to implement the same level of control there as here. Now the Swedish State department (UD) have started to counter this “propaganda” with foundings and instructions to the Swedish embassies.

Dagens Nyheter (DN) the largest daily in Sweden recently published an article named “False picture of Sweden more common” describing some articles about Sweden from other countries and how the state department now is trying to counter this “disinformation”.

One of those articles happened to be one I participate in so I will focus on that part, but I would not be surprised if the level of journalistic honesty would apply to all referred articles. DN:s journalist Kristofer Ahlström wrote:

”Parlamentni Listy, a popular “alternative” Czech site that serves as a kind of spokesman for the president, recently wrote an article claiming that the Swedish schools teach girls in Sweden how to have sex with refugees.” [2]

Aside for the fact that I really must congratulate Parlamentni Listy [3] for being both an “alternative” site and a spokesman for the president this is a schoolbook example on how the mainstream Swedish journalist work. He refer to a statement but he do not bother to falsify it. He just suppose it is wrong or at least that is the impression he hopes it will give you. Or if not, it any way indicates what you are allowed to think and not to think.

 The part of the article referred to in Parlamentni Listy is these two questions I answered:

 So is there mandatory sex education in schools?

Yes, there is mandatory sexual education and it is mandatory school for all children in Sweden. It is illegal to home school your own children.

The sexual education is produced by RFSU the Swedish sister organisation to Planned Parenthood although in Sweden it is considered more or less as a government institution probably because they are government founded and have complete access to all areas of society.

Can you tell some examples of this education, how does it look?

RFSU produces pornographic cartoons they show in school, for example “Sex på kartan”[1] showing a young Swedish girl having sex with an immigrant. The teachers may bring different “sextoys” and conduct free association with the children and so on. They inform of “different” ways to have sex and that all of these ways of course is normal and encouraged. Because you must explore your sexuality…

Sadly, all above is true. I hope it one day will not be…

Björn Herstad

[1] From RFSU:s description of the cartoon “The film takes place in the library, where five students have gathered for a voluntary extra math class. But the regular teacher did not turn up and the substitute Jao has sex education rather than math. The genitals, vaginal corona, sexual acts, masturbation […]. One can also follow the meeting between Abdu and Melody – for what really happened in the rehearsal two weeks ago? And should Kim and Hanna dare to approach each other?” http://www.rfsu.se/sexpakartan, 2016-10-28

[2] http://www.dn.se/arkiv/kultur/falsk-bild-av-sverige-allt-vanligare/, 2016-10-28

[3] Parlamentni Listy is a very successful news site in Czech changing the media landscape in the country now having +20 journalists.