This is a personal webpage, covering a broad range of subjects but it is sporadic updated and it is sometimes published in English and sometimes in Swedish. Hopefully you will manage…

My name is Björn Herstad and I live with my wife and children in the greater Stockholm area. I myself is brought up in a rural part of Sweden called Värmland. More particular on an island named Hammarö on the lake of Vänern, the largest lake in Scandinavia.

bjorn-herstad-speechA convert to the Catholic Church, although raised in the Swedish church (Lutheran, former state church). Professionally I have a entrepreneurial background and work with different Business Development projects. It happens that I give a speech or write an article or two. At university I studied History and Business Administration.



Hammarö (off-topic)
Hammarö is mirroring the large societal changes that have occurred in Sweden. With settlers in the early Iron Age, slowly developing small-scale farming and small fishing communities. A religious tradition as part of the St. Olaf pilgrimage to Nidaros and and wooden church from the 14th century still standing. Later in the beginning of the 20th century the paper industry came and with it the building of a small town. Then industry decline (although it is still running, but on fewer employees) and now the municipality has the character of a suburb and sleeping-town to Karlstad, the regional capital of Värmland. But still one of the most beautiful places in the world.